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Sfinski 5 Posted 01 May - MM tanks are those to stay away from. Lycopersicon 6 Posted 01 May - Matilda IV appears to be missing.

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Sirebellus 8 Posted 01 May - Lycopersicon 9 Posted 01 May - It appears not to get preferential mm. Though the wiki could be wrong. Lists at a glance don't include B1, DW2, Type 95, there's probably more missing. Spurtung 11 Posted 01 May - Edited by arthurwellsley, 02 May - I have a few pref mm tanks. Which do people think is the best?

E25 is broken

I have both Matildas, I know. As an off topic, out of these three tanks, the Churchill 3 is the best. Strong Russian armor, faces tier 6 max and at this tier the teams are full of beginners so minimum gold ammo usage and very few know where to shoot the Churchill.

WOTB - Beat this Matchmaking! - E25 #1

HaZardeur 18 Posted 02 May - Spurtung 19 Posted 02 May - BasicYapper6 1 Posted 30 August - I know I've been spotted after firing. It loses camo value when firing as any tank would.

Preferential Matchmaking Tanks Soon Kaput? : WorldofTanks

It just has a very good camo rating better than the Borsig. Players with good crews will load-up on the stealth skills to make it even better. Add a camo net and some bush cover, and your camo rating while shooting will be better than the base value on even good stealth tanks.

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  4. BasicYapper6 3 Posted 31 August - BasicYapper6 5 Posted 07 September - Don't think it ever had an extra 'perk' that came with the tank. Console crews can learn skill perks that PC does not have.

    Neokill 7 Posted 08 September - Bandido 8 Posted 23 September - You can see this on the game map, when you fire the detected range will pop out just for a second and then it goes back down, but it will pop out briefly each time you fire. And muffled shot is a must for this tank. Rap7or 1 9 Posted 16 October - Chimonakimi 10 Posted 16 October - The day there's an E discount, yes please I don't think the E gets that here thought.

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    I think your talking about muffed shot,alloys your camo rating while shooting in cover to remain the same as stationary, I have it on my little stealth ninja tanks,looks like a green bush with a gun sticking out. VividFawn 13 Posted 16 October - E25 now on sale in store ultimate bundle don't think I ever seen it in store before today?

    FromBravo2Kilo 14 Posted 16 October - Think it's the first time I've seen it offered. Don't think the deal is worth it unless you need the garage slot and boosts. Thinking the better deal is in the tech tree.