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So your unity will be really strong. No Arab girl can imagine her life without keeping her house perfect. The place where she lives with her adorable husband and kids, if you wish, is something sacral for any Arab female. In householding issues you can rely on your fascinating fiancee completely.

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Though lots of people consider that Arab girls are only Muslims, that's not completely so. For ages culture of this land was changing and developing. Let's learn all about these differences and find out whether it's possible to marry an Arab bride for an American. Islam is an important religion here, but women who follow it don't use websites for marriage online.

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They have strict rules which don't allow women of this religion to marry men with other faith. Moreover, some Arab ladies even don't choose their husbands, it's already decided by their parents long time ago. So when you meet an Arab baby, she will probably be Christian and follow more modern role models.

These girls are rather common in Arab countries today. They want to try something new and learn a lot about foreign traditions, so marriage with an American guy can bring new emotions and opportunities into her life. As for cultural differences, women in America have much more rules than Arab girls. Limitations touch different issues and make it extremely hard for some native ladies to develop as personalities.

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So when you meet a progressive Arab woman, remember that she was working hard to get all she possesses now. These people have strong willpower and can appreciate even little things and actions. What facts can impress you? It can seem impossible to citizens of other countries, but women in most Arab countries can't drive a car. Girls can't visit public places without a man as their companion.

They can do it with husbands, brothers or fathers. Of course these facts are not about all Arab ladies and in all situations there are exceptions. You just have to ask your girlfriend about the order in her country. You will be impressed with culture of Arab citizens a lot. Some things seem pretty common, while others are really extraordinary.

And all these facts still make hot girls of Arab land wonderful wives. What is their culture like? Girls of this land are very caring and show sincere devotion to their husbands. Man is the head of family for this girl, she will listen to her husband carefully and do her best to make him glad with his choice for marriage.

These women are communicative and support the relations with attention to their couples. They will keep asking you questions about your life and then you can learn necessary information about the life of your Arab fiancee. You should also know that they are more determined to do householding chores than to work. This fact is not a weak side if you accept that your couple should better be a housewife and wait for you in a cosy house after your difficult day. A pure holiday for each Arab girl is her wedding day. This ceremony means that the lady can devote her life to the beloved partner completely.

And if some people prefer to arrange modern celebration, others still keep some ancient traditions. The families who follow strict ancient rules still choose husbands for their daughters themselves, so girls usually aren't even asked about their preferences.

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This custom came from Arab ancestors who considered that successful girls with plump ankles and golden bracelets were from a wealthy family. Night Henna. The day before the ceremony when the groom and his bride celebrate separately the last day of being single. As you can see, some traditions are old and don't take place today.

But you can use several tricks from these customs to make your wedding day unforgettable. Unearthly beautiful Arab girls are popular not only in their countries, that's why the percentage of marriage with foreigners is rather high in this country.

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If you want to join the team of those who appreciate pure Arab beauty - learn some more facts about wonderful Arab brides and start building your strong family. The appearance of hot Arab babies will make your heart beat faster. Deep eyes are understanding and cosmetics only makes them more expressive. Full lips of Arab wives exist to give sweet kisses to their men. Figures are wonderful: alluring curves look excellent on the background of thin waists and a bit dark skin. Well, probably those from the most conservative societies.

What is behind this belief that western women are somehow sex-crazed? Part of it relates to the conservative Arab fixation on women's sexuality in general. According to this outlook, women's sexual appetites are so insatiable that, if they are left to their own devices, they turn into uncontrollable nymphomaniacs and temptresses luring men to crash into the rocks of lust. As every woman is carrying a volatile sex bomb that will explode upon contact with freedom, in Arab societies where women have entered the workforce en masse and reached the highest academic and professional echelons, they have often done so by emphasising their "virtuousness", that their independence hasn't made them "bad women".

A similar phenomenon is occurring in other modernising patriarchal societies, such as India. Even in the west, the pioneering women in academia and the professions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries often lived like nuns.

It should be pointed out that many religious Arabs, including women, do not believe that Arab women are oppressed, but that they enjoy a different, and superior, kind of liberty. In an interesting turning of the tables, conservatives are reciprocating the western interest in the position of Arab and Muslim women by examining the "oppressed" status of the western woman. In an apparent bid to answer the charges of western orientalism, the Saudi-based conservative Islamic thinktank, al-Medinah Centre for the Study of Orientalism , which has developed its own brand of "occidentalism", has a section dedicated to western women.


Another conservative Islamic site targeted at women asks "who will end the injustice against western women? Gender Women comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.