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And some guys' taste are really strange. Maxwellhouse 13 yrs ago I have found that it isn't even how attractive you are but the attitude you project. Go again with the intention of projecting a positive and interesting demeanor and see what happens, ask lots of questions. I might get flack for this comment, but act like you are buying a pair of shoes. Also wear lipstick and smile alot, wear your hair nicely. Put enjoyment is your own looks for you and see what happens.

Body language is important too. It was only 10 guys and you didn't find anyone you liked. With a woman who usually makes the first moves it is difficult to let a man do the same.

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Trust me I'm in Bangkok and the taste is Thai here, being western is like being invisible, but I enjoy myself and how I look and I still attract men, I just don't want to at the moment and being easy going goes a long way. HK Lady 13 yrs ago I'm not sure. But I think I'm quite friendly in talking to everyone.

And the girls on that nite, although not as ugly as the guys, but quite average in general. One or two of them even shows much uninterest in their attitude. I'm the one already courteous. And a few of them are quite "casual" in makeup, hair and dressing Don't know what's going wrong with me. HK Lady 13 yrs ago the problem is I don't find any one woman particularly outstandingly attractive on that nite as well. Kaat 13 yrs ago Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Think of it as a bonus if somebody picked u!

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If ur that confident about ur appearance and personality then somebody would pick u eventually, speed date or not!! Or are you dismayed that the only 1 not so unattractive guy didnt choose you? But had 'the nerve' to choose your friend? Why would you want to be picked by men you don't even find attractive? You'd be wasting their time, and some might end up being a nuisance, esp when they can't take No for an answer.

Pookie 13 yrs ago From what I understand of my friends who go on these speed dating events, it's the personality that counts not the looks. If you're into looks there's plenty of that in the city already and people with great looks don't need to go to speed dating events. But it's hard to beat a great personality - someone who cares, understands, down to earth, and has a great sense of humour is hard to find.

Maybe you should reflect how you came across to other people that night? Basically, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with you. You may have been nervous or shy, not responsive, and the real you didn't really get to shine through, but you've got to stop thinking that looks are going to get you a date. I never been to speed dating so i cannot comment. I am not dating anyone and not contributing here much for a good while.

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