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In this format introverts can assert their curiosity by asking questions and participating in thoughtful conversation. The fact that introverts are highly observant and retain a lot of what they take in generally is where people come to learn how warm and compassionate these quiet souls are. Only make dates with people you really believe have potential not just people who look good on paper. Remember that extroverts get energy from being around people, and while introverts arguably make better conversationalists, they are depleted by constant social interaction.

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You will know within a minute if they are. Avoid burnout at the outset by being both choosy and true to yourself.

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Susan Cain, author of Quiet: A great ability of introverts is getting deep. Use this to your advantage and ask questions that are geared to determining whether your date is the right fit for you. Sure, most introverts prefer depth over breadth when it comes to relationships. Yet I'll speak here from personal experience: So long as they understand your need for recharging and downtime and you respect their need for significant social interaction, the introvert-extrovert pairing can be a very complementary combination.

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  • There's no reason being an introvert should make for a less vibrant dating life. We are very good listeners, good at drawing people out, enjoy substantive conversation. We don't chitchat very well, but we love to converse, which makes for a good date. Since introverts can be slow to warm up to new people, Dembling suggests they often have luck building relationships off group activities a class or book club or shared locations a favorite coffee shop.

    The Introvert's Guide to Dating

    As a result, Dembling says, they have the advantage of starting to develop a connection before they even have their first conversation — and those first conversations will be more substantive and flow more easily once they do speak. Indeed, many introverts are even described as aloof, which can be equal parts intriguing and intimidating to others.

    Researchers Have Very Good News For the Dating Lives of Introverts

    In her book, Dembling talks about her own experience with her extroverted best friend in high school. In fact, a guy I'd had a secret crush on back then admitted he'd felt the same.

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    Too late to do anything with it, but, as he said, 'Nice to know. Moral of the story? Introverts attract more people than even they realize — it just might depend on the pursuer to take the first step. When it comes to dating, the introverts in relationships included in Dembling's research were pretty equally divided between dating other introverts or dating extroverts.

    Both desires are perfectly valid and both combinations can work," she said. Introverts tend to be thoughtful partners, which often cues them in on when to step back and let their more extroverted partners shine, and how to provide a quiet space to recharge for more introverted individuals. In the right circumstances, we can be quite good at drawing people out and that is very useful on a date," she said.


    Are there situations that are always a no-no? Getting to know all the little peculiarities of your partner is a normal part of the dating process, but can be a more challenging for an extrovert dating an introvert.

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    The rewards, however, are well-worth the effort. Relationships work best when both partners maintain an open mind regarding the lifestyle of the other. Remain open to the idea of silence. One of the most powerful forces in the universe available Bush 41 was the quintessential example of an individual Get Beliefnet's Love and Family Newsletter!

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