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Gabourey Sidibe and Andy Samberg dressed in imperial Japanese kimonos spit cherries at each other in rapid succession, catching the ones the other throws. At the end, Samberg spits one last cherry at Sidibe. The cherry sings dramatic music in midair before Sidibe just misses catching it in her mouth. Andy Samberg Akiva Schaffer [31]. Jonathon Krisel Akiva Schaffer [31]. White likes it but then shows her own version to the cast: An unemployed cocaine addict named Dennis Samberg goes on drug binge while singing an elaborately choreographed Disneyesque musical-theater number about how it is going to be a great day.

The more cocaine he snorts, the faster he sings, and the more disjointed and surreal the song becomes. Eventually the whole experience is revealed to be a vivid, cocaine-induced hallucination.

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Katy Perry sings at an Academy Awards-like ceremony the theme song from the fictional superhero film Boogerman played by Peter Sarsgaard , features most of the cast including episode host Amy Poehler. A man Samberg tries to call to report a home invasion on his iPhone using the app " Emergency," but is bombarded with ads for the movie Rescue Dogs 3D.

At the end, Samberg is caught by the burglars, only to be saved by Rescue Dog. Helen Mirren appears as the police chief in the trailer for Rescue Dogs 3D. A man Samberg is the subject of a bizarre therapy session conducted by his psychiatrist played by episode host Jane Lynch who inserts herself in his self-conscious images of peace and tranquility. A girl played by episode host Emma Stone sings in her school's cafeteria about breaking her arm by slipping on grape jelly.

Her situation only worsens as each verse ends with her falling again, breaking a new appendage until she ends up paralyzed, confined in a wheelchair, and only able to talk through a computer program a la Stephen Hawking. The grape jelly Andy Samberg comes to life and claims not to be the cause of the girl's broken appendages.

Shy Ronnie Samberg and Clyde Rihanna team up for a second time and perform a song while they rob a bank. Unfortunately, Ronnie's social awkwardness puts the heist in jeopardy and forces Clyde to do most of the work. He raps aggressively when Clyde leaves. Cameo by episode host Jon Hamm as a bank hostage. A Model United Nations team interrupts a meeting at the United Nations to ask about past and present world atrocities, such as the Holocaust and Darfur.

Musical guest Arcade Fire cameo as themselves. A parody of the movie Weekend at Bernie's , in which two men Hader and Samberg find the corpse of their boss and attempt to make him look alive are arrested and put on trial, being proved innocent by Mr. Bernard's played by episode host Robert De Niro video will to ask for the previous events. A parody of the Dolly Parton song 9 to 5 throughout which Andy Samberg and episode host Paul Rudd stumble throughout the city.

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Musical guest Paul McCartney is featured. Chef Mario Batali makes a cameo appearance. Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone , and rapper Akon celebrate just having sex with women Blake Lively and Jessica Alba respectively , despite that the women found the sex to be mediocre. Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer shows up at various points during the video congratulating them on having sex, he also mouths the chorus at the end of the song.

There is a brief cameo by John McEnroe. This is the first single off the Lonely Island's second album, Turtleneck and Chain. After beating Anderson Cooper who appears as himself over the head with a chair, Samberg and Pee-Wee are caught by the police, to which they escape by hitting the officer with a chair. Andy and Pee-Wee reluctantly agree, and everybody celebrates the breakup with more shots. John Waters introduces the short.

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The second single from their sophomore album Turtleneck and Chain. A witch curses a handsome guy Samberg portraying Gene Hackman as the protagonist into a nerdy guy, he starts to fall in love a girl played by episode host Miley Cyrus who likes him a little bit. A sequel possibly prequel to "The Roommate" short, where Samberg is the same nerdy character.

Zach Galifianakis interviews young children as possible candidates for being his assistant. Turn Off the Dark. It is revealed that Hader and Samberg have stolen Wilson the volleyball to blackmail Hanks. Episode host and musical guest Elton John portrays the villain and Carmelo Anthony plays a security guard.

Nasim wants to be inspired, so she finds Helen Mirren in her dressing room, where Pedrad dreams she is in "Helen Mirren's Titties", a place beyond space and time, and a sequence of shots involving happy things like two leaders shaking hands, flowers, etc. A music video of the song of the same name from The Lonely Island 's Turtleneck and Chain album featuring Michael Bolton , in which said singer writes a hook for a new Lonely Island rap that features storylines from Pirates of the Caribbean , Forrest Gump , Erin Brockovich , and Scarface.

Akiva Schaffer Jorma Taccone [33]. The "Dick in a Box" and "Motherlover" characters Timberlake and Samberg return in a song about how any sexual contact between them does not count as a homosexual act, as long as there is also a female Lady Gaga involved. Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson have cameos in the opening scene.

Released as a standalone single. Two cops Hader and Samberg bored at work find music in everyday life parody of Stomp. The entire precinct gets involved, but things turn aggressive when The Blue Man Group played by Fred Armisen [who actually was a member before becoming an SNL cast member] and Paul Brittain show up to play along until they get shot by everyone.

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At a clothing store, a man Samberg is unconvinced that the V-neck shirt he is trying on is for him, despite his girlfriend's Pedrad assurances. But when the store owner episode host Ben Stiller , wearing a deeper V enters, Samberg attempts to one-up him and asks a clerk for "something deeper" starting an impromptu V-neck battle, ending with the store clerk getting arrested for indecent exposure.

Andy conducts several short and increasingly bizarre interviews with actor-singer Drake. Each segment follows a very literal theme as described by a title card announced by Don Pardo that appears onscreen before each interview. Some of the interviews included are: A depressed singer Samberg sings about how his girlfriend left him for another man Armisen. Samberg gestures towards the sky, hoping it will rain, but it doesn't and gets urinated on by a man on the roof.

Samberg begins complaining to the crew that he can't do the music video without rain, making insulting remarks about the producer Vanessa Bayer and his big-butted assistant played by host Emma Stone. In an early '80s-style instructional video, a nerdy man dressed like Carl Sagan Samberg shows viewers how to seduce women by playing chess, but the first two women played by Nasim Pedrad and Abby Elliott beat him.

The instructor then changes the game to checkers and still gets beaten by a woman Kristen Wiig. He tries Jenga , but ends up knocking the tower over.

He tries eating glass, but ends up scaring the woman he's trying to seduce played by special guest Olivia Wilde. The instructor with his lips and mouth now bandaged up gives up and lectures on how to hire a prostitute. The instructor is stabbed and robbed of his money.

Joe Pesci's SNL Monologue and dating skit

Before dying, the prostitute comes back and beats him at chess. Katy Perry and Samberg become best friends, then meet up with a "handsome drug addict" Matt Damon and "brilliant lunatic" Val Kilmer who want to be best friends too. Perry and Samberg become more and more frightened until Perry abandons the three when the drug addict shoots himself during a game of Russian roulette.

The lunatic then builds a time machine, retrieving two cavemen, Marilyn Monroe played by Nasim Pedrad , Amelia Earhart played by Vanessa Bayer , Abraham Lincoln played by John Solomon , and Julius Caesar from the past, who, along with Samberg, the lunatic, and the lunatic's "failed bird-man experiment" who briefly left the duo to have sex with a white girl at the mall wish the audience a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A man Samberg and woman Wiig dressed in '70s-style clothing declare their love for each other in song.

As the camera pulls back we can see that they are connected by their shared enormous afro. An unexplained man in janitor's clothing Kenan Thompson appears in between every verse and plays one riff on a strange instrument such as conch shell or didgeridoo.

When the camera has pulled all the way back, revealing the full, massive afro, the couple invites the viewer to come to their wedding, whereupon the video is revealed to be a Save the Date. To test the effects of stress on the human heart, a man Jonah Hill is hit repeatedly in the testicles by tennis balls fired from a tennis ball machine. Things get more bizarre as he continues to get hit even though the machine is turned off.

The man flatlines and a doctor Fred Armisen uses hits to the groin to revive the man.

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Despite Lorne Michaels' objections, Hader and Samberg show him the latest Laser Cats short — this time directed by Steven Spielberg appearing as both himself and a "Hitchcockian" cameo in the short , which contains many references to his films, including E. Host Josh Brolin appears as a "Space Nazi. Samberg and Taran Killam visit Gotye in his dressing room, then stalk him by appearing in nothing but body paint and black wigs as seen in the " Somebody That I Used To Know " music video. Danny McBride cameos as a man attempting to do cocaine in a nightclub. Video featured on The Wack Album.

In a parody of stereotypical electronic dance music performers, the DJ Davvincii performs a number of unrelated activities rather than actually mixing music. The Lonely Island and Pharrell sing about how their hugs are the best. This video was featured on The Wack Album. Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler sing about times when people broke character on the show.

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Chris Parnell and Bill Hader also appear. Conner4real Samberg sings about having sex with a girl like the execution of Osama bin Laden. This is a song written for The Lonely Island's comedy film Popstar: A sequel to the original Natalie's Rap from Season 31, Natalie Portman is interviewed by Beck Bennett , to which she responds with a rap about motherhood and the Star Wars prequels holding Alex Moffat at gunpoint while dressed as her character Padme Amidala. At the end, she impales Bennett's head with a Time's Up pin and throws him out of the window. Andy Samberg appears as his character, Carl, from the first short with his scenes filmed in Los Angeles outside the ArcLight Hollywood.

The day after the episode aired, The Lonely Island confirmed that they wrote the sketch [38]. A police officer Samberg with lobster claws struggles to eat his meal in a diner. A ninja Banderas provides the officer with a straw. First shown during the Antonio Banderas dress rehearsal.