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I was in the International site because I live in Indonesia. I tried to contact International customer care and sent a few emails. They all end up in the US site which tells me I don't have a membership.

Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work For Most Guys (And What To Do About It)

Around and around we go in a vicious circle. I got so fed with the runaround. This is not a good dating site. How ironic when everything about this dating site is fake. Half of their members are no longer members and very few people live in your local area. I would have cancelled my membership after the first hour if this was possible. In addition to this these people will take another payment from your bank account unless you cancel your subscription so read the small print.

I know other people with the same views who have also been caught out. Save your money, ignore the fake advertising campaign and join a different site. Please note these people also own Plenty of Fish and numerous other sites. Even Billy the Kid had the courtesy to wear a mask when he robbed people. This is a class action suit waiting to happen for any attorney who wants to take a stab at it.

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I could go into elaborate detail about the devious methods Match. Everything you've read on Consumer Affairs is all fairly accurate. You're better off finding a date somewhere else I have been a member of Match. Early this month I noticed a charge on my card that indicated I had been charged for an Automatic Renewal of my Match. When I joined this most recent time last summer?

After speaking with the customer service guy for 10 minutes, and listening to him explain that I cancelled AFTER the Renewal went into effect, I would only get part of my money. I then asked for a supervisor. Only 5 minutes on hold, the supervisor came online.

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I explained I am not new to this and that Match had tried this stunt on me before. I asked point blank, what is the purpose of having the Do Not Renew button, to which he had no good explanation.

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I refused to budge and he finally said as a "courtesy" he would refund the entire amount. Then he said for me to "keep in mind, going forward" that I need to read the rules which are explained to me 3 times, thru the membership form and emails sent to me. I explained to him that there would be no "Going Forward" and that I would never again subscribe to Match. So, in closing, use caution when you subscribe and the same day you join, set an alarm on your calendar 6 months or a year out to manually CANCEL your Match.

So they can't Auto-Renew their access to your bank account! Don't mess with an experienced dating site user. I'm no fool and this isn't my first rodeo. Current user [though the 3-month subscription is set not to renew on PayPal]. This is my second time on Match [last was back in — quite honestly, I met many quality women — dated a gem I met on Match for 4 years. Just a few observations so far, FWIW: Match pads your daily matches with fake accounts. That said, there ARE legitimate accounts.

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Click Profile next to "Log out" and select Profile and settings. Click the name of the merchant for the agreement you want to change.

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  4. Under "Payment method," click Change next to the funding source you're looking to change. The company automatically charged me at 6 months even though I had deactivated my account. I tried to find a way to contact them and much to my dismay there was only a mailing address, no phone contact. So I contacted PayPal to explain, they refused to give me my money back.

    That said I was still enrolled in the sites membership and the purchase was authorized. The worst money ever spend in my life. Half of profiles are fake and the other half did close their account but their pictures are still on Match.

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    So when you close your account make sure that you delete the pictures first. Before you go out with any of this girls don't be afraid or shy to ask them if they take any type of medication. Don't go out for lunch or dinner because it may turn out that you don't like each other and then you're stuck.

    Many women on this site are obviously fake profiles.

    When you live in Alaska and multiple girls are smoking hot models with profile pictures in the Bahamas and generic descriptions like "Just looking for a nice guy; I love music food and adventure," it starts to set off red flags. Refusing to refund money after only 2 days of purchase. Read the details fully! They promise a full refund within 3 days of purchase, but they refuse to honor. They also placed a double charge on my bank account. The few people that messaged me were very obviously scammers.

    I signed on with Match a little over a month ago. I think that my profile was professional and with enough detail but not overly long. I view myself as fairly attractive for my age. I would send a message to a man that I found interesting. Very little if any response. Men my age or even older want all these women years younger. I find that a little disturbing. I cancelled my auto renewal and received an email that they would keep my profile for 1 year after my membership ends. Well now I definitely wonder and probably know the answer as to how many profiles are active and legit.

    Unlike a lot of the reviews that seem highly subjective - OMG, it's Match. Give me a break people, sounds more like a YOU problem. I'll just stick to the facts. They will intentionally word profiles to grant you "hits," in your search parameters and even send you messages - All in the hope that they'll sucker you into subscribing. Someone liked my profile?

    eHarmony vs. Match.com

    Can't see who without paying. Someone took the time to message me?

    Can't read the message without paying. Fake to actually match the demographic in this metro area. I'm not buying this garbage. Oh, and your inbox will get "hits" all the time but you can't do jack about it unless you subscribe. I wouldn't have a problem subscribing but the LEAST expensive plan is still around 60 dollars for three months with no option to trial or even just go month to month. That's highway robbery and frankly with FAKE profiles - is a scam. There is nobody actually real on this site.