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Naturally they have become very selective of whom they respond to and your online dating profile photos make it or break it for you. Simply put you need to do whatever you can to look as good as possible online. I want you to think about this for a second. What do girls go through on a daily basis to make themselves as hot as possible when they go out?

It will make a huge difference in your success rates. Use only the very best photos you have and no more. Your success rate with online dating will sky-rocket when you look your best and present that image to the world to see!!

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Avoid using any photos of yourself that are less than stellar and your success rates will go up fold. Your Online Dating Message Are Garbage — Besides bad photos this is the 1 reason your messages are not being replied to! Think about this for a second. You are a hot girl. Every guy on the internet wants you so they are messaging up a storm like crazy! Imagine over the span of a few weeks or months how many messages from horny guys you will have read.

Girls are much more of an expert on the subject of good introduction messages than you are! I know you think you are being clever by sending a copy and paste messages. Similarly a message that is to short, generic, and boring can have an equally negative impact on her… If you want to succeed with online dating and get replies you have to send quality messages. Take the time to carefully read their profiles and make comments specific to them.

Create emotion in your messages and keep it light hearted. But — at the end of this guide I will mention a secret tool that will make writing heartfelt custom messages a thing of the past and reduces the effort to just 1-click and a few seconds. How was your weekend? If you want to increase your success with online dating send quality messages on a regular basis and do it consistently!!

Good quality messages combined with killer profile pics will significantly increase your success with online dating so take the time to nail these factors! Your Headline Sucks Donkey Balls — This is something worthy of consideration for sites that allow headlines. I know this is shallow but such is life. To get your email opened, you need to present it like a shiny gift wrapped present and make it sing to its recipient.

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You can do this with the headline. Take the time to write a really catchy headline and watch how many more times your message will get read.

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You want to use something that really gets their attention. Try to think outside the box here. Use a headline that creates emotion. Go big or go home! So stop, breath, and THINK of a killer headline to use that shocks and motivates the reader in a significantly meaningful way to ensure that your messages gets opened and read! Later on in this guide I will go into great detail about writing catchy headlines that get read.

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  • If you want to succeed with online dating make sure your headlines really stands out and force your reader to read what you wrote! Headlines can make a huge difference in your overall online dating success… Reason 5: If you have done everything right up until this point you have a chance of the girl you wrote to taking the time to take a look at your profile and maybe write you back if she likes what she sees.

    Here is an important piece of advice; Less is more! Keep is short, sweet and to the point. Actually writing less can be extremely helpful as it leaves her guessing and wanting more… This is a good thing for you!! Later in this guide I will go over in detail what it takes to write a winning online dating profile. Take the time to experiment with your profile and modify it until it pulls! You are a man of abundance and options when you are online — So sound like it in your messages and make this subtly clear in your profile too.

    Going overboard on this will kill your chances. Just sprinkle in a pinch of confidence into your profile and you will be golden! If you have made it this far, I want to take a moment to congratulate you! You have taken a step that most guys will never know about and this already puts you far ahead of most of the competition.

    So far we have taken a look at why most guys fail with online dating. Login or register to post. BY psychopathic January 18th, at 2: Related Posts Whenever I feel resistance, remember this! Identity and Lifestyle behavior skillsets Road to Awesomeness! Articles by Topic dating 14 Sex 5 relationships 4 women 3 online 3 pickup 2 online dating 2 Conversation 2 LMR 1 Confidence 1 value 1 Flirting 1 second date 1 Body Language 1 cheating 1 dating advice 1 kristen stewart 1 first date 1 tips 1 girls 1 questions 1 phone 1 Advice 1 texting 1 text game 1 relationship 1 OPEners 1 texting girls 1 dates 1 text 1 texts 1 Approach Anxiety 1 funny 1 fun 1 Girlfriend 1 friend 1 rsd 1 Inner Circle 1 Pickup lines 1 wingman 1 nicknames 1 conversation openers 1 Alpha 1.

    Hello RSDnation, A common question is: This is the second part of my step-by-step guide to build an awesome dating profile and messaging guide. Part 1 - Photos: First impressions matter and the wrong username will make you unattractive. Here are some examples of some terrible usernames: Girls do not want a guy with these characteristics so will skip your profile.

    What makes an attractive username?

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    Firstly, a username must be attractive sounding to women and not be too nerdy. A Starwars username is unlikely to work and this is no time to use your favourite forum tag. For example, Psychopathic would be awful for a dating site. Try not to use your real name and avoid numbers after the username. Secondly, it must evoke a positive emotional response when being read. Stay away from negative or overtly sexual usernames. For instance, DemonHunter or HungLow. Thirdly, make the username unique or unusual. You want to stand out from the crowd and not be pigeonholed as a boring guy.

    Consider your best feature. Think about cool words and combine them. For example, CheerioSmoothie or MarshmallowToaster.