Dating musicians who go on tour

You are on your way to somewhere where they are not supposed to be and more than likely you lead a happier, more fulfilling life than them. Whenever I encounter a sly comment from another person women mostly, which is worse , I think about this. This post was so great to read. I was in a relationship with a touring punk musician for years and it was extremely hard for me. I wish I could have read this back then, it would have given me some much needed encouragement!

Dating Musicians: The Dizzying Pros, The Devastating Cons

I really appreciate and enjoyed this post! Even though we live under the same roof, it feels like we never see each other.

So this post rang close to home. Thanks for being open and sharing your thoughts! From one certified, bonified, professional worrier to another, thank you for such a heartfelt account of life as a band wife. My husband is a scientist and spends time away from home, too.

My biggest struggle is not resenting him for being away — its not his choice — its his job. So, when I become a little crusty, I make sure to pull back and take a deep breath. In the end, he does his job not only because he loves it, but its his calling…. This is such an awesome post. I so appreciate you opening up with honesty and vulnerability.

Ominocity’s Guide to Dating Musicians

It makes your blog feel so genuine. My husband was in the marine corps infantry for the first 4 years of our marriage and I feel like between trainings and deployments our lifestyle had some similarities for sure. Its that feeling of being on a team without your team mate that just sucks. I would have special yoga classes and snow board trips and fun things that I enjoy that my husband may not love as much as I do. Then even though I was bummed that he was gone I still had my Sunday soccer game or next months snow board trip to look forward to.

Hang in there and good luck with the bugs! My husband is no longer in a band but he travels months out of the year for his job. He started traveling for work 3 years ago and has added on a few more weeks each year, this year being the worst. I am navigating my way through it and learning to love our crazy life. Thank you for being honest and open about your life. You are a gem. Thank you so much for your post! My boyfriend of almost 14 years! Thank you for being you and sharing — I needed this! Hey Laura, I feel you! Even though my other half is home almost every night, I definitely identify with this struggle of jar opening!

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Thank you for also sharing the bad, and well done for being such a good band wife this post makes me feel bad for my latest comment…. I feel you, lady! I really enjoyed reading this. I am not in the same situation, but due to the circumstances I am living alone with furry friends! Actually, your topic is very universal, it is about how to live your live on your own and be in a firm relationship with someone at the same time. I love your blog! I know how hard it is…….

My boyfriend travels every other month to China for work and I hate it. It got old fast and I have those same struggles. I never woke up in a bed full of unidentifiable bugs ah! I can imagine you have these same fears if you want kids that is!

Thanks for those tips! And I think Todd is super lucky to have a lady like you. Such a great post Laura. Thanks for being so open and honest too. You rock and are a big inspiration! Thank you for this post. My husband is also a musician and this post really resonates with me. This is what makes his blood flow. I am grateful to have such an amazing partner that inspires me with his passion and creativity.

That being said, dealing with bed bugs all by yourself is a kind of hell-on-earth. My thoughts are with you during this particularly difficult time.

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I love this post! I have been in a very similar situation, though due to different circumstances.

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  4. To make a long story short, my husband was transferred overseas a few years ago when we were still just dating; I basically dropped school, my work, social life, etc. I can definitely relate to the huge learning curve that comes with having a traveling spouse. I especially like that you mentioned about complaing the right amount.

    I found I had to consciously remind myself that it was a choice we had made together to be in that situation. This was a fantastic post. You are an amazing, strong person. I hope your week gets better! I live in Amsterdam and just saw that Mutemath is coming to town in February!!

    Ominocity's Guide to Dating Musicians | Ominocity

    Will you be coming along for that trip? It would be fun to meet you! Oh man, I wish I could! Hope you get to go! I first met my now-husband almost 7 years ago when his band first officially started to tour. I was going through a pretty difficult transition and then having to learn to how deal with him traveling and being gone a lot was definitely a learning experience. I remember during those early days just loving our times together but also fighting a lot. We dated for 2 years before we got engaged and slowly each year, the band would pick up more and more dates. Perhaps you are less afraid of the post break-up song attack that accuses you of lying or cheating or leaving your dirty unmentionables lying around.

    Your musician counterpart can write mean songs about you. If you are planning on staying together forever perhaps you are less afraid of the post break-up song attack that accuses you of lying or cheating or leaving your dirty unmentionables lying around. If you are also a musician, dating a musician means that you can share instruments and gear without feeling bad for having to ask. If the equipment happens to wreck in your use, you no longer have to worry about a thick cloud of unspoken hostility between you and the person you are borrowing gear from. You partner will yell at you straight to your face unlike if you had borrowed it from a friend.

    Like many issues, the problem can be solved with you saving up to replace it, and some kissing and cuddling.